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Getting married is a special moment in the life of a couple, and we at Shaadi Amantran aim to make it the most memorable one too. Planning a wedding can be daunting and stressful as thousand things have to be done, and it is quite easy to forget something. But what if you have a personal assistant who reminds you of important things, takes care of your budget and manages all the activities related to the wedding? Wouldn’t that be great? The good news is Shaadi Amantran is that PA for you! At Shaadi Amantran, we understand that each couple has their own style. Hence, we have abundant themes that will help you to build a website that reflects your personalities and helps you to share your story. Inviting guests to your wedding can be done within a matter of minutes with Shaadi Amantran. You can import your guest list from your email account as well as social networking websites. Moreover, there is little risk of forgetting to invite someone. We also help you to plan your wedding according to your budget. Shaadi Amantran's budget planner is a blessing if you have a fixed budget. It helps to sort your priorities and plan your wedding accordingly. Like a good PA, the wedsite would remind you of important activities and things to be done. Moreover, apart from making your wedding stress-free, we also strive to make it fun and memorable for you and your guests. Shaadi Amantran offers several free features to build your wedding website and plan your wedding. However, we also have several premium packages that will help you to enjoy all the features of this wedsite. So, register with us today. The entire Shaadi Amantran team is ready to help you with the wedding of your dreams..

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